Re: Latest run of Intermountain (Wegmann) HO PFE Rebuilt Reefers

Dick Harley

Most Chinese assembled cars are pre-painted and glued with CA, so a little bit of torque will break the glue bonds.  Disassembling a model is not difficult.

For those wanting to know what the correct lettering looks like for any era, the PFE painting and lettering book that I wrote and illustrated is still available:
While it is titled Southern Pacific, about 40% of the book is PFE.

FWIW, I redrew all seven lettering schemes for these cars about two years ago and gave that artwork to InterMountain.  The previous artwork had the incorrect UP medallion for the -19 and -21 single medallion cars, among other errors.  So, whether any of my new artwork was used for this current run of cars, I cannot say, since I have not seen any of these latest cars up close.  If you think you are frustrated ...

Stay Safe & Healthy,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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