Re: 10' High by 8' Wide Superior Doors

Allan Smith

Superior doors had different spacing for the panels. Check a photo of the car for which you want to build the doors. Attached are photos of 8'x10' doors I make for an EJ&E 60416 boxcar, notice that the top and bottom panels are a different size.

I started with Evergreen 0.020 sheet cut to the size of the door, then drew the rib horizontal spacing lines with a small square, the pencil lines won't show after you glue the ribs in place. I use Evergreen #8204 HO Scale 2x4 for the ribs. Glue a vertical rib on the left side of the door, length doesn't matter at this point. After the glue is dry cut the vertical rib to the length of the door, this sets the left end of the horizontal ribs. Glue the horizontal ribs top to bottom, again length is not critical. After the glue is dry lay a vertical rib parallel over the right side of the door and cut with a razor the ends of the horizontal ribs. The vertical rib should now fit between the ends of the horizontal ribs and the right edge of the door, again if to long trim to fit.

Details Associates part FC 6213, if you can find one, has handles latches and tack boards.

Hope this helps

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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The C&BT boxcars with 8' doors have 7-panel Superior doors that measure 10' tall. Ditto for Branchline. I don't know if that is too tall for your needs (yes, I know the underlying kits are for cars taller than 10' - I'm just trying to be helpful and informative). I also have a pair of 8' Superior doors from an unknown source that measure 10'3" tall. They seem to be from a Robin's Rails PS-1 kit.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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Is there any source of 8' wide Superior Doors for a 10' IH Boxcar?

If not looks like scratcbulding time.

Rick Jesionowski

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