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Richard Townsend

Well I stand, um, informed, I guess. That's a really narrow sliding plug door. Without looking at any source such as an ORER, I'll bet the total door width is six feet, with the slider being about four.

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Au contraire….NRC 20079 has a left-opening Plug Door and a (less than) Half Width Right Hinged Door.  An unusual combination to be sure!
Charlie Vlk
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I'm puzzled. The car Jim posted has a door and a half PLUG door. The IM car has regular reefer doors. Indeed, IM did an NRC/IC paint job on this car (40518-11), which is the IM R-40-23. Stan did kits for the IC 50000-50299 and 50300-50499 reefers based on the IM R-40-23 with new resin sides, but I don't thing that these are the car in Jim's post, which is in the NRC 20000 series... or am I missing something?
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Intermountain 40518-03 is close.  The car has black ends and a silver roof.
Jeff White
Alma, IL
On 5/13/2020 3:11 PM, Jim King wrote:
Has this car been produced in HO?  Diamond emblem is green, roof and ends are reddish-brown, body is dull yellow.  I found a pic of a similar car on the Abingdon Branch hauling “seeding potatoes” in LCL, no refrigeration, just being used for insulation.
Jim King

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