Re: Kadee code 88 wheels.

Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...>

I find the Kadee 88 wheels to be excellent in many ways, not excluding appearance and quality assurance as to gauge, etc.  The blackening will not leave residue on the rails. Shining  the treads certainly looks good, but operationally, it is not necessary.  

The axle lengths last measured were a uniform 1.015” (like the current Rapido), but the ends are have currently-unusual thick acetal curved-taper ends.  Unlike most other current high quality metal wheel sets, e.g. IM, Reboxx, Exactrail, Rapido, and (reportedly) Molocco that have straight taper 2mm ends, the combination of acetal (vs. metal), and the thicker ends makes these fine wheels sometimes difficult to adapt effectively to trucks other than Kadee.  I still try to use them as often as I can, but for my purposes (maximum rollability), that is not often as I would like.  I keep  trying, however.

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA 95864

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