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I don't have much experience with running trains for hours on end since my friend with a great layout moved back to the mainland.  At that time I did not experience any problems with Kadee wheel sets.

My standard for wheel sets now is Kadee sets for ribbed back wheels and Intermountaln for all others.  The Kadee sets have raised lettering on the face.  Although you don't see this when the car is on a layout the same applies to most of the other details that we spend hours to create.

I also use John Goldens method of using a wire brush in a Dremel in the treads.  I have not experienced any problems probably because it only takes a few seconds to polish the treads.

Bill Pardie

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Hi Brian,

I've used the Kadee .088-tread wheelsets.  Yep, they're made of the same blackened pot metal as the rest of the line.

I have attempted to clean the tread of the Kadee wheels by spinning the wheels with a Dremel equipped with a wire brush on the lowest speed.  The plastic axles have a tendency to melt in the journal box.  Therefore I recommend Reboxx wheelsets if you can still find them.

John Golden
Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany

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