Re: Latest run of Intermountain (Wegmann) HO PFE Rebuilt Reefers


I was very fortunate that Terry Wegmann was a friend.  I bought a bunch of kits from him when he first produced them.  When he sold the tooling to Intermountain I bought some of the assembled cars.  Their first run was actually pretty good.  My big concern was they did not have the running board supports on the 19 and 21 cars with the metal running boards.  The 21 cars lacked the actuation mechanism for the fans.  On the cars with the single herald the UP shield was too small.  The brake gear was acceptable.

All the discrepancy were easy to correct.  I guess the quality had gone down in subsequent runs.  If you don't have any of the earlier runs the corrections to these cars is well within the scope of anyone on this list.  You still get a solid and ACCURATE body to work with.

Bill Pardie

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WAY TO GO GUYS !!ty has gone dow

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