Re: Rutland House Car Color

Eric Hansmann

The original color? From the as-built appearance in the Teens? I doubt that. 

Let’s be careful with general statements. That’s how hobby myths are created, like all PRR freight cars are Tuscan Red. 

It takes little extra effort to include a timeframe with a question or an answer. This list is a resource. Include accurate details. 

Not all the list members model the years when steam died. 

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On May 14, 2020, at 9:21 PM, Donald B. Valentine via <riverman_vt@...> wrote:

 That's true Dennis but it's darn close to the original color that it was repainted with. I used to pass that car several 
times each Sat. and Sun while working for the Green Mountain Rwy. and/or Steamtown when serving as either the 
Relief Passenger Trainman or the Relief Fireman for the Riverside to Chester turn three times per day. Rich Christie's
suggestion is really of the wall as the cherry red was used only on cabeese and darn few of them at that! I will check 
to see.which Accu-Paint color I have used on my Rutland boxcars tomorrow and advise further.

My best, Don Valentine

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