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Dave Pfeiffer

Atlas has a National 70T C-1 plain bearing truck tooled for their 70T C&O open hopper.  They have been available separately.


Dave Pfeiffer



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According to the HO truck guide put together by Richard Hendrickson, Intermountain has a 70 ton National C-1 truck. They don’t list this as a separate model on their website but I think it is what the provide with the ACF 1958 CF covered hoppers.



The trucks tooled by InterMountain for the ACF 70-ton covered hoppers are not National C-1. They are a relatively uncommon 70-ton AAR spring-plank design that I’ve only seen on L&N and NC&StL cars of this type built by ACF in 1943. Photos of these cars were published in RP CYC Volume 27. 


Ed Hawkins


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