NKP 1944 AAR Boxcar - C&BT Upgrade #3

Bob Chapman

With a bit of trepidation, here's another upgrade to a rivet-starved C&BT carbody from deep in the unbuilt kit stash -- this one the 7-foot door variation, detailed for NKP. 

Detail replacements include Yarmouth Apex running board, Tichy 8/8 ladders, Kadee bracket grabs and brake wheel, and Kato A-3 trucks. Unable to spot a 7-foot prewar Youngstown door as an aftermarket part, I narrowed an 8-foot Cannonball Car Shops door (from a really low level of the parts stash!). Decals are Microscale. 

Weathering is heavier on this one -- hard to stay clean around all those sooty Berks. The right side weathering next to the A end was a weathering mistake -- hard to think of a prototype situation where this pattern would occur, but I like it, and I'm sticking with it. 

Bob Chapman

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