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A&Y Dave in MD

Sounds like a prototype variant on the Modelers’ Law: scratchbuild or kitbash a steam era freight car and a commercial product will likely appear (with the corollary—it will only appear in commercial form if you only needed one or two; if you need a fleet, they will remain unavailable and your notes on how you built the first will disappear mysteriously).

Dave Bott

On May 16, 2020, at 2:15 PM, Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...> wrote:

That car was discussed by William Voss in his work on freight car construction, reprinted years ago in the Trainshed Cuclopedia series as "Freightcars 1892". I don't recall the name of Voss' original work. In it Voss makes the statement that since car capacity had reached the practical limit of carrying capacity of wrought Iron axles, high capacity cars of the future would have three or more trucks. That on the cusp of the of steel being adopted for axle material. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dennis Storzek

David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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