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Charles Peck

The modeling idea that first struck me was this.  Have a vertical pin, delrin or such, 
sticking up from the truck pivot point.  Cut a slot sideways in the center bolster for 
the pin to slide in sideways.  No weight on the truck, just for show.
At least this would be my first try. It might work, or it might sit on the shelf.
Chuck Peck

On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 7:39 PM Ralph W. Brown <rbrown51@...> wrote:
Hi Steve, Tom and Mel,
It’s definitely an interesting car.  I dug out my copy of White’s The American Railroad Freight Car, and checked the drawings and related text.  That center truck was able to slide up to five inches off center.  That’s not all that much in HO scale, but it’s going to take some serious head scratching to figure out how to do that on a model.  If anyone has any ideas along those lines, I’s love to hear them.
Mel – Should you decide to build one (or more) of these, please keep us posted.  Thanks.
Ralph Brown
Portland, Maine
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From: Steve and Barb Hile
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With a little help from Google, you can find the Engineering New article at


But the drawing was a fold out page that is a little worse for wear.  See the attached.


The steel car in the background is a Standard Steel Car company build, with builder’s photo available from Keith Retterer number A-261 and A-262, built in 1905.


Steve Hile


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Yes Mel,

John White's American Railroad Freight Car has an excellent detailed plan of this car on pp354-355.
It's reproduced from  Engineering News of April 19, 1890 (so a bit outside the time frame of this group, but obviously still in use later).
We've had some discussion of it over on the Early Rail site from time to time most recently in September 2019.
Here's a link to the LofC site for this photo:

Tom E.

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