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A few weeks ago I offered to share some C&O maintenance-of-way boxcars from my negatives that I was scanning. A couple of you asked me to go ahead with the project. All the photos are scanned now, and as I run them through Photoshop to take out the dust and scratches, they will be presented here for your enlightenment and discussion.

During the 1980s when I moved to Charlottesville after my Coast Guard service, I shot a lot of C&O and Southern stuff. Coming from the Left Coast, I was like a kid in a candy store with all sorts of new trains to photograph. At that time the C&O was in the process of scrapping out most of their older maintenance equipment. There were clusters of cars awaiting scrapping scattered around the Charlottesville yard, and on sidings at Gordonsville, Scottsville and Glastone. What is neat about these cars is that many dated to the 1920s and 1930s. Sadly, few were preserved, but I do have the photos of some.

So here's my take on this crop, with some help from Carl Shaver's FREIGHT CAR EQUIPMENT OF THE CHESAPEAK & OHIO RAILWAY, AUGUST 1, 1937:

X-1218 appears to be from series 8000-9499, a 40' single door boxcar with and 8' 7 1/2" IH built by  Standard Steel in 1930. Note the high end ladder. Photo at Gordansville, VA circa 1986.

910101 is from the same series, and was probably a tool or material car. The two windows in the sides was typical of C&O practice. Photo at Scottsville, VA circa 1986.

705 is a rare survivor from Hocking Valley series 34000-35999, built by Illinois Car and Manufacturing Co. 1924-25. They were 40' long, with an 8' 8" IH. These came to the C&O in the 1930 merger and became 82000-83999. Most of this class received steel sides and steel doors in 1941-42, with many rebuilt as single-door cars, and all were renumbered into various other blocks. This car shows that some were not rebuilt with steel sides, though it did get the steel doors. Note the apparently steel hazmat diamond on the end tack board. Photo from Gordonsville, VA circa 1986.

910069 is fairly new to MW service. It comes from series 19000-19499, built in 1957 by AC&F. These were among the last 40' boxcars built for the C&O. The reweigh date of 11-1981 is probably the conversion date. Two cars of this type are in the collection of the COHS in Clifton Forge. Photo probably from Charlottesville circa 1986.

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