Re: C&O MW Photos

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Some railroads  always identified the type of camp car on the side, some railroads identified them by prefixes  or suffixes in the number, and some did not bother at all,,,the C&O was in the latter group. No comprehensive roster of C&O equipment has ever surfaced, and the COHS has published some  booklets, but nothing really definitive. Thus identifying C&O camp car types is rather speculative. While it is safe to say that these cars are either tool or material cars, one cannot go further then that. The one with the bars behind the windows might be a tool car; the bars are to keep someone from breaking in and stealing the tools (as if anyone could fit through those windows!).

Nonrevenue equipment can be a valuable look at old rolling stock, provided information is available on their history. Again, some railroads were good in that regard, others not so much.

John C. La Rue, Jr.
Bonita Springs, FL

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