WP and SP&S 1944 AAR Boxcars -- C&BT Upgrades #4 & #5

Bob Chapman

A two-fer this time. C&BT upgrade projects #4 and #5, WP and SP&S boxcars -- 1944 AAR C&BT carbodies upgraded with contemporary detail parts. Both will be a long way from home on my midwestern-theme layout.

WP car details include a Yarmouth Morton runningboard, Kadee ladders/grabs/Ajax handbrake, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Decals are Champ. With the Champ set's incorrect build date (51 vs. 47), I elected to keep the car fresh and unweathered (although maybe I should have weathered out that bad build date!). Plus -- I really like that classy silver lettering and hated to dirty it up. 

The SP&S car has a Yarmouth Apex runningboard, Tichy 8/8 ladders, Kadee grabs and Ajax brakewheel, and Kato A-3's. Decals are Microscale. Wish I could have done the car in those big SP&S letters, but by the time they came in, steam was pretty much gone on my roads. Weathering is Greg Martin's Post-It technique with some Prismacolor pencil highlighting. 

One more to go....

Bob Chapman

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