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Whether the cars had hatch platforms depended on the builder and the owner. In the later years of ice refrigerators, many owners dispensed with the platforms, but some didn't. Then there was the SFRD. Most Santa Fe reefers were built with their hatches opening the "wrong" direction, that is, hinges toward the car end instead of toward the doors. When mechanical icing became became common after WWII, they had to rebuild their fleet with the hatches turned in the more common direction. Some of their cars still had hatch platforms, but these were all removed in the rebuilding program.

The moral of our story: check photographs.

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On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 12:47 PM Ray Hutchison <rayhutchison2@...> wrote:
I have been looking online for some definitive information, not finding it there, thought I would ask the following:  In the first decades of the 1900s, there were two types of roof hatches for refrigerator cars.  One had an extension of the running boards with the ice hatch offset toward the car end; the platform could hold individual while they were loading the ice.  Second did not have this platform, but simply the ice hatches directly on the car roof.  (The Ambroid express reefers and Train Miniature models have the platforms, the Sunset and Accurail models of pre-WWI reefers do not).

I imagine that the explanation has something to do with (changes) in the roof construction but have not found documentation.

-- ray hutchison

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