Re: WP and SP&S 1944 AAR Boxcars -- C&BT Upgrades #4 & #5

Bob Chapman

Clark Propst writes:
Can you elaborate on the weathering of the SP&S car? Really nice.

Hi, Clark --

The technique was developed by the late Greg Martin (a great guy who many of us will miss). He used a Post-It to mask at each seam (tape will work just as well), and airbrushed a very dilute spray of Testor's Rubber along the edge of the mask. Sometimes he got fancy and reversed the Post-Its to the other side of the seam and similarly airbrushed very dilute Caboose Red -- sounds terrible, but the effect was very effective. For the SP&S, I only did the black. Greg featured the technique with color photos in numerous articles in Mainline Modeler, if you happen to have a back issue collection; at one point, I seem to recall him doing an article in MR or RMC featuring it.

The highlighting visible in the photo is mostly around the seams in the Superior doors, done with a Prismacolor 70% Warm Grey pencil. I also did the roof seams. An art store sharpener will give you the fine point that you need.  

Bob Chapman


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