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Brent Greer

Thanks Andy !! 

I purchased another photo like this at the last CCB gathering.  That one included a pickup truck in the mix of vehicles loaded onto the semi rack in1959.

From talking with folks in the Studebaker fan world, it appears that this was the preferred method of distribution during the last 4 - 6 years of Studebaker production in the USA.  (1958-1964)

Studebaker continued production in Canada at their Hamilton, Ontario plant through 1966, but I have no idea how those were shipped and it is in the future relative to this list anyway. 


Dr. J. Brent Greer

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-Andy Carlson
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At some time back in 2019 (perhaps a little earlier), there was a photo shared that showed a semi-truck auto transporter loaded with some 1959 Studebaker cars and trucks, and this trailer was being shipped on a TOFC flatcar (TTX I believe).   I have done every kind of search term combination I can think of, but I can't find this picture again.  Can someone please help me find it?

Sincere thanks,

Dr. J. Brent Greer

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