Re: Ownership Of Tank Cars In 1950

Ian Cranstone

The list gives one an idea as to just how large the lease fleets (UTLX, GATX, SHPX, NATX, and for Canada, CGTX and TCLX). The ORER has always been a little shaky in tank car information, and frequently doesn’t cover railroad-owned cars — mostly because railroad-owned cars were employed in the service of the railroad, and not generally available for other uses.  Even the Tank Car Capacities tariff (TCC) overlooks a number of railroad-owned cars — for example, both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific owned a number of tank cars for company use, and none of them were listed in either the ORER or TCC.

Ian Cranstone

Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


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Ownership Of Tank Cars In 1950

A list compiled by Jerry Britton:

This list represents tank cars rostered in North America, according to the Official Railway Equipment Register. This list does not include milk tanks, vinegar tanks, pickle tanks or tanks specifically denoted for company service.

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