The recent discussion on the C&BT kits has prompted me to pull l this car out of the showcase.  I had not looked at it for years.  This is a McKean PS-1 kit.  My friend Andy Carlson deemed this kit as the worst.  At that time Ed Hawkins did several articles in Rail Model Journal on completing this kit.  I immediately went out and bought the kit.  (Where were you then Andy?)  At that time the RPM meets were held in conjunction with the NMRA meets.  I carefully packed my prize in an Overland Models  box to protect it on the journey. When I walked into the RPM room Richard Hendrickson met me at the door. HIs eyes went straight to the box and he said “I hope that’s not what I think it is”.  As it turned out I had to borrow some tools and adhesive before placing the mopdel on display.  That was the first and last time that I took a model to an event.

One of the real pleasuies of the hobby are the great people involved in it. Each of my models has a story behind it.  Thanks for bringing up the C&BT kits and resurrecting some great memories.

Bill Pardie

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