Re: Ownership Of Tank Cars In 1950

Ian Cranstone

On May 20, 2020, at 2:27 AM, Fred Jansz <fred@...> wrote:


WP purchased 210 tank cars in 1912 (60,10k cap)), 1913 (100, 10k cap)) and 1929 (50, 12,5k cap)).
After WW II, most of these were used in bilge water, diesel fuel, water, sand and other company services.
By 1950 these 210 cars were out of the ORER.
Most of them in MW/company service, many scrapped due to age.
There were no 215 WP tank cars.
Certainly not in 1955.
Fred, the attached entry from the 1955 Tank Car Capacities tariff clearly shows 215 cars in the WP listing.

Ian CranstoneOsgoode, Ontario, Canada

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