Re: Accurail DL&W 40 Foot DD Box Car

Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Todd, for correcting me, though I plead that the “11300” in my ORER looks more like 11500.  The number’s not clear.  Todd is correct about the listing being the Yarmouth car, of which I have two, next up on the to-be-built list.




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Ken -

My January 1952 ORER shows DL&W series 11300-11599 as 40'-7" IL double door boxcars with 12'-6" wide door openings, AAR mech designation XMR (auto racks installed).  This is the same number series that Yarmouth Models' new kit for a DL&W rebuilt 40' DD auto boxcar portrays. 

I believe that the Accurail kit depicts a GN series of DD cars that were built new or rebuilds in the mid-1950s and used extensively in lumber and plywood loading.  Someone with a a better memory and/or who knows GN equipment better is welcome to comment and correct me.

Todd Sullivan  

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