Re: Accurail DL&W 40 Foot DD Box Car

Tony Thompson

Ken Adams wrote (in part):

By 1950 I would assume it would need the AUTOMOBILE service branding removed as it would be downgraded to general merchandise carriage.

     A common misunderstanding. The word "automobile" on a car did NOT mean it was necessarily in that service. Until the early 1950s, the AAR defined an "automobile car" as a box car with double doors and possibly end doors. There is nothing in the definition about what the car might carry.
      You can see this in the fleets of many railroads. Certainly SP among them; usually about half of each order of 50-ft. DD box cars was intended for lumber service, but every single car was lettered "automobile." And when SP removed auto racks from such cars, they did not remove the "automobile" lettering, though they would paint out the white door stripes.

Tony Thompson

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