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Some produce didn’t need icing-just air flow. Potatoes, and I believe onions among the produce were so shipped. Were some (uninsulated) cars used for the brief(heavy) potato runs(seed potatoes in the spring, product in the fall)? Those cars could be used for other purposes the rest of the year. ACL ‘Watermellon’ (ventilated)cars had barred doors, and regular doors for other freight. The insulation, bunkers, etc. would use up a lot of space. Does anyone know if they had ‘ventilated’ box cars? Respectfully, Bill S.

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So the car was basically a SS car with an extra layer of sheathing INSIDE sandwiching the insulation? That ought to really cut down the capacity.

An outside braced reefer was probably a limited design car I assume?

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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Definitely an R7 in the photograph. You can tell by the diagonal bracing going in both directions. On the R7, the insulation was added inside the sheathing, so the capacity was reduced over that of the X24 boxcar. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I recently discovered this photo of a wreck on the Ma&Pa at Sharon, MD near Gross Trestle from 10/30/1925. The near car on it's side appears to be a reefer due to the door and ice hatches. It's also a single sheathed car to me. I can only recall Pennsy R7 and a similar Reading cars like that. Wouldn't a SS reefer have little ability to keep things cool?

Thanks for any help.

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