Update - Latest run of Intermountain (Wegmann) HO PFE Rebuilt Reefers

Dick Harley

Well, I received my samples of these reefers and was quite relieved to see that they used my new artwork on all the models. Several people, including myself, were making judgements about the models based on the photos in the InterMountain advertising flyer, without noticing that the photos were NOT of car numbers in this latest run.

So, the lettering is perfect (yeah, I did the artwork). The colors are just fine. The lettering can be matched with the Microscale 2-sheet set 87-501, for those wishing to change the car numbers or reweigh dates or repack dates or anything else. The -21s have fan control plates. The all orange-sided 1953-era car uses Terry’s side with the top facia board as part of the side. The assembly is very clean. Any thoughts of stripping these cars is lunacy, in my opinion.

Now the bad news, which you already know. The brake system has several issues and mistakes. Steve Hile is working on a presentation to show how to fix most things, and I am assisting him. That should be ready in a few days. I am also working on a SmugMug gallery with prototype data, and I’ll announce that soon, when I feel more confident of what I say and have more images.

So overall, these are fine and important cars to add to a steam era freight car roster.

Stay Safe & Healthy,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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