Re: SHPX ORER help needed

Bob Chaparro

Some background on FMC:

The California Fruit Growers Exchange encouraged the Food Machinery Corporation to enter the field of citrus machinery. FMC started as a national consolidation of various manufacturers of vegetable drying and packing equipment, fruit canning machines, and agricultural spray pumps. Many citrus packing houses operated with FMC equipment.

In 1940, FMC helped design a light amphibious tracked vehicle. The government gave FMC the contract to build military versions of the vehicle, with an assembly line in Florida and another in Riverside.

Several types of the Landing Vehicle, Tracked (LVT, also known as the Water Buffalo) were produced, with Riverside responsible for the gun turret version, the LVT-4. The Riverside main plant also manufactured

spare parts for the vehicles.

During World War II, FMC built 11,251 LVT vehicles, receiving in 1945 the Army-Navy "E" award for outstanding war production. Changing its name to the Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation in 1948, operations continued during the

Korean War with retrofitting of the older LVT models and also building different vehicle types. In 1949 a monument, complete with LVT, was dedicated to the factory war workers at Fairmount Park (Riverside, CA) near the location where they had conducted testing.

The FMC Corporation (its moniker since 1961) continued operations worldwide with its chemical divisions, military contracts (including ones for the M113 and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle), and its agricultural and machinery systems.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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