Re: Canadian National 7-panel Howe Truss Boxcars Help

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

In response to Bill Welch's question Jim Brewer's wrote:

"In Ted Culotta''s Steam Era Freight Cars Seminar Manual he has a photo of CN 503559, built in 1929 and it does have wood doors.  There is also a photo of CN 506951, built in 1930, with steel doors.  Ted references an article in Railmodel Journal, June 1994, by Stafford Swain.  You can view, but not print it, 

To which I would add that if it would help, Bill, I can photocopy Stafford's articles on these and similar cars including a few 
pages on the cars right from the builder's matieral. All I'd need is a snail mail address. It's here but can't ut my hand right on it.

My best, Don Valentine.

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