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A&Y Dave in MD


Now you have the July 1934 B&M pages for your collection (attached PDF).

Dave Bott

Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 6:24:11 PM, you wrote:

I've been working on putting info of all the B&M freight equipment on the web:
As a lot of the cars cover the era of this list, I'm hoping this is an appropriate post.

I would appreciate feedback on the overall organization of the site, and also what info you would find useful, that isn't there (as well as any other feedback you care to give)
Reply here or (as I think my email will show up in the emails you get from to me directly

I am also looking for more B&M data from ORERs.  The list of ones I have is here:

Unfortunately, all my planned research trips to fill in the missing ORER data have been put on hold for a bit (dang global pandemics ;-)
If anyone is interested in taking time away from modeling to scan/send me B&M data for the ones that are missing (or have legibility problems) I would much appreciate it.

Thanks...Ken Akerboom

David Bott

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David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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