LVTs was SHPX ORER help needed

Bruce Smith

LVTs make excellent steam era freight car loads. In HO scale, the LVT(a)-4 and LVT-4 are produced by Artitec. Here are one each, test loaded on a P2K flat car. What is interesting to me is the sheer size of these vehicles compared to the Sherman tank, for example.

Bruce Smith
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Minor point …

The LVT4 had no significant gun nor armor. It was an open-top troop transport vehicle, with a stern ramp.

The first successful LVT was the LVT1 that was a militarized version of an amphibious swamp buggy, the “Alligator”. The LVT1 completely changed amphibious assaults, but as a military vehicle it left a LOT to be desired. Among other problems, it had no stern ramp (Marines had to jump over the side to get out). It was soon followed by a much improved version, the LVT2 which also lacked a stern ramp.

The came the LVT4 which did include a stern ramp making for safer and faster exit.

The need for firepower resulted in the so called “Amtanks” with gun turrets and some (not much) armor. First were the LVTA-1 (37mm gun), and later  LVTA-4 (75mm short barreled howitzer).

All these types saw considerable service in the pacific invasions. The later LVT4 and LVTA-4 were mainly used at Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Dan Mitchell

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