HO Western Pacific 42' 1916 blt BoxCar

Andy Carlson

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Ojai CA

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I have made a few castings for a WP 42' single sheathed box car, the real one was built in 1916. Many of these cars reached a few years after the War, but most were rebuilt from the years of 1937 and on for cabooses and stock cars, so not many received AB brakes, with the exception of the gypsum top hatch loading cars which served from Gerlick to the Bay Area.

I have set of castings which will do a single box car. No decals, trucks, couplers brake sets, just the hard parts for this venerable WP box car.

These parts have some small flaws which make them unsuitable for a sell at full price. I think that a modeler with some experience fixing some small voids with putty should be able to make a first class looking box car. I don't recommend anyone who has no experience with resin kit building for this car has no instructions.

This single set of castings will have the following parts:

 2 sides w/ wood door
1 'A' end w/ lumber door
1 'B' end
4 roof inner supports
1 under frame
10 frame cross-ties
4  frame door opening cross members
1 piece roof

Offered for $40 and I pay shipping to the US. Remember, this will require some small extra work. I accept checks and money orders. With a small fee, PayPal is welcomed.
-Andy Carlson



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