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Subject: [RealSTMFC] ACL O-17 Ventilation Box Car - "Watermelon Car"


I am trying to scratch build the ACL Watermelon Car starting with an Ambroid Kit from the 50s [One of my Cars for my NMRA AP Cars certificate]. This kit has all the wood pieces but no car details like the brakes, wheels, etc., nor are they described in the brief kit instructions


From my research, I have some pictures and have an idea of which details I need. But I don’t have specific types or sizes of the following:

  • Side Grab irons: 18”, 21”, or 22” or another size
  • Door Grab Irons: size
  • Ladders on the end: 7 rungs, 8 rungs. I assume metal ladders, not wood
  • Brake System – Brake gear, Cylinder, reduction valve, etc.
  • Brake handle on end above the roof
  • Door handles, rollers, etc.
  • Connectors for brake lines underneath and up the size
  • Underbody parts layout and detail [the kit shows some but not all detail parts]

I need pictures or drawings or parts lists showing these items in order to scratchbuild or purchase these parts. I found the ACL/SAL Historical Society and the NC Transportation Museum web sites devoid of rolling stock details.


Does anybody have any links or information that I can use?


Thank you in advance,


Bill Lyders


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