Re: MWR 1201-1275 series Mather Patent Boxcar help

Mont Switzer


The Muncie & Western (MWR) is a railroad of local interest to those of use in central Indiana.  Because the cars were painted bright yellow and had the Ball canning jar painted on each door so they were well photographed.  I suggest you contact Bob's photo for photos.

I've modeled every sort of MWR boxcar that existed since WWII.  My most recent article on the subject appeared in RMC sometime in 2010.  I believe the article addresses how to build your model.  

Regarding what I believe is your older Sunshine resin kit, it can be a rascal to build due to the way Sunshine tells you to build up the side bracing.  I would therefore suggest the following which I believe is addressed in the 2010 article:

-build up the Sunshine car body sides and ends.
-buy a cheap LifeLike stock car kit
-use the LL roof on the Sunshine model
-cut the LL floor and under frame out and fit it on the Sunshine model
-assemble the brake rigging per the LL instructions.  it matches what I have seen for the Mather cars
-cut away and use the vertical and diagonal braces from the stock car sides on the Sunshine car body.  It may be simpler to copy cast the vertical and diagonal braces from the LL model to get what you need.  Neither process is simple
--the LL B end details are pretty good and simpler to install than the Sunshine resin parts.

These suggestions may not be up to your modeling standards or those on this list, but the process is worth your consideration.

Mont Switzer

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] MWR 1201-1275 series Mather Patent Boxcar help

Hi - new list member here.  I'm returning to the hobby after a brief 30 year hiatus and have been frantically reading to try to catch up on everything that's changed in the interim.  Its great to see many familiar names active here of prior friends & acquantances, as well as those who's work I've followed and admired.  Hi Todd, Ben, Don and others!  

I've ordered several Yarmouth kits to get familiar with the current state of the art in resin kits and studying the writings of many on here to learn new techniques & materials.

While waiting for those I've dusted off an old Sunshine kit for a Muncie & Western Mather Boxcar to move to the workbench, but I'm hoping to find more prototype information as there's not much in the kit nor am I finding on-line. 

The MWR 1201-1275 series were 8'5" IH cars.  I've found photos of Mather cars from the 1101-1185 and 1276-1300 series but those were taller cars.  I'm also interested in underbody detail from any of the Mather cars as a guide.

My old NEB&W guide notes articles on Mather cars from 11/86 Mainline Modeler and a Martin Lofton article from 2/91 RMC.  I have the MM article but unfortunately the RMC's were long recycled.

Hi again and thanks for any guidance the group can share.

John Stanford

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