Re: MWR 1201-1275 series Mather Patent Boxcar help

Allan Smith

Mather Box, Stock and Reefers. The following list are the magazine articles I have for Mather Cars.

Mainline Modeler    Nov 86   John Nehrich
Model Railroading  Nov 87 part 1  Richard Hendrickson
Model Railroading  Dec 87 part 2  Richard Hendrickson
RMC                       Feb 91     Martin Lofton
RMC                       Aug 91     Martin Lofton
Railmodel Journal  Feb  97    Richard Hendrickson
Railmodel Journal  May  97    Richard Hendrickson
Railmodel Journal  Aug   03   Richard Hendrickson

If you can obtain any of these articles it may help you with your builds of the Mather cars.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

On Monday, May 25, 2020, 09:37:27 AM PDT, Chuck Cover <chuck.cover@...> wrote:

Hi John,


As I remember, I do not think that the P-2000 Mather boxcars have the Z diagonal bracing, just angles.  Also, I am not sure that they match the correct height for all the roads that they model.  Different roads had different height cars.  Pictured are two Sunshine Mather boxcars that I built some years ago.  I did not find them any more difficult than building other Sunshine boxcar kits.


Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM

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