Re: Southern Pacific GS Gondola Question

Tim O'Connor

I have dozens of photos of SP GS gondolas - not one of them is patched. I would try to overlay the entire panel
to hide the crack, or perhaps use Future or another clear acrylic to cover it - I have done this with knife scratches and
it has worked well.

On 5/25/2020 1:16 PM, Bill Welch wrote:
I have pretty much completed building a model of one of the SP's G50-15 GS gons using the Detail Associates kit. The G50-15 was the initial group built with the flat plate ends with two rib stiffeners. The quality of styrene used for these kits seems to vary and mine has developed cracks on both sides. I am thinking of making "patch panels" with 0.005 sheet styrene as if the broken panels have been damaged in some fashion and thus repaired. A panel like this would strengthen the side and mask the break.

I am curious if anyone has photos of any SP G series steel sided gons with repaired panels. I am trying to understand if the Southern Pacific repaired panels rather than replacing them and if they did, were the patches welded  or riveted?

Thank you,
Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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