Re: Southern Pacific GS Gondola Question

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch wrote:

I have pretty much completed building a model of one of the SP's G50-15 GS gons using the Detail Associates kit . . . The quality of styrene used for these kits seems to vary and mine has developed cracks on both sides.

      This results from excessive recycling of scrap styrene moldings. Dennis can tell us much more about this if he wishes. My own approach might be to try and fill and smooth the cracks and try to hide what happened that way.

I am curious if anyone has photos of any SP G series steel sided gons with repaired panels. I am trying to understand if the Southern Pacific repaired panels rather than replacing them and if they did, were the patches welded  or riveted?

      I have never seen a photo of such an SP patch, Bill, though I do know of two photos which seem to show replaced panels.

Tony Thompson

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