Re: MWR 1201-1275 series Mather Patent Boxcar help - correction, sorry

Mont Switzer

This is correct.  The small U channel diagonals are the ones I prefer to remove or copy from the LL Proto model than build them up per the SS instructions.  

SS wants you to stand either .010 x .020 or .010 x .030 styrene strip stock on end and cement it to the car sides to form the U channels.  

You are correct that the stock car channels are too short.  You have to splice them or use them to make a longer master to cast what you need in resin.  

FYI, the MWR Mather boxcars hauled Ball Glass Manufacturing Co. blue glass canning jars made in Muncie, IN,  all over the country and photos verify the cars could be seen just about anywhere.  The Mather design cars served the MWR into the late 1950's when they were replaced with a fleet of singe sheathed composite cars rebuilt with steel sides.  

The steel cars had both 8 and 10 panel sides.  The steel cars were also yellow, but they did not paint the canning jar on the corrugated doors.  RMC has an article on these cars.
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Sorry group,


As often happens when I comment, I made a mistake.  I should have said that the verticals on the Sunshine Mather boxcar kits are Z bracing, NOT the diagonals.  I don’t believe that the P-2000 models have this Z bracing on the verticals.


Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM

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