Re: SHPX ORER help needed

Bruce Smith


OOPS!  That's what happens when my attention is focused elsewhere (in this case on replenishing the homestead's supplies of beer before the next round of the plague sets in, with a nice Belgian wit).

Obviously, LOs would be reweighed on a regular basis, but it does lead to an interesting question as to where. My guess (and it is strictly that) would be that the lessee or lessor would most likely contract with the home railroad for the lessee's loads, since it would seem silly to return the cars to the lessor for this issue. Although? They might well have as I would guess that the lessor would perform most of the maintenance on leased cars. And of course, the bottom line on car reweighing is that a car that was in need could easily be captured by a road looking to make some money...

It will be interesting to see what data surfaces.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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The original thread appears to have been lost since the post is from a while ago.  This is about SHPX covered hoppers.  These were reweighed regularly and I am interested if that was done at SHPX shops or by the railroads wherever and whenever they needed it.

Eric Mumper

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