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I have considered sheet lead weights.  I use sheet lead flashing intended for roofing and vents.  It could be pounded or even rolled thinner and shaped to fit for weights.   Another idea is the powdered "Liquid Gravity" by Deluxe Materials, secured with epoxy in the cavities.  That is something I have used for my daughters' Diamond Derby cars (Girl Scout version of Pinewood Derby).

I wondered about using the sheet lead for the Hutchins or Murphy ends using a form, but lead is so soft.  I also thought about my friend who has a Mattel "toy" from the 60's that he uses as a vacuum-forming tool with two liter plastic bottle material heated and then vacuumed to shape over carved wood forms. He created perspex bubbles for his models of Vietnam era Loaches.  This would give an end product that is tough enough and yet show the indentations on both sides decently.  I'm just not sure I am capable of creating useful forms and he lives in VT and I now live in MD.  So it's one of those long term ideas that may never see the light of day.


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Has anyone considered putting a thin layer of plumber's lead between the underframe and the floor? This might mean sacrificing some underframe detail, but should be no problem for empty cars that are operated. Not every car needs to be museum quality.

I remember Richard Hendrickson's mantra for fishbelly gondolas and flat cars, "If you can't see it , don't bother modeling it."

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To model the SU box cars converted has always been an interest/goal of mine  but as I dug into that the "ends" were always a stumble. Many of  those used the Hutchins end. I went so far as to 3D CAD a Hutchins end BECAUSE I too thought...hmmm add it to a flat.... used to be Westerfield sold HO ends for the SU but they were flat (inside.)

BUT the issue was the inside...especially  for an empty pulpwood rack car. Those Hutchins ends showed inside and out with an empty.

And since I model Murphy Branch circa 1942 consists with multiple cars would be typical and ideal. Luckily <g> I'm not modeling Canton so the need for a huge fleet of empties  and loaded  won't be necessary.  

I also remember (when pulpwood was shipped) and on at least once occasions watching a "stick" rock off a car. Not going to figure out how to model that. <g>  

And as Fenton stated in the article those empty models are  LIGHT.  

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