Re: Kits for sale



OK all;


With the moderator’s indulgence I will report one last time – this posting generated a HUGE response, FAR more than the last time I did this. I believe it topped out over 80 requests for my list (the last time when I had more than twice the stock to sell I got I think 12 replies). At any rate, the list was picked clean very fast and pretty much anything worth looking at is gone. That said, I believe I did reply to ALL at last, with a revised list of the last few items. So please – my apologies for taking so long to reply (my email account blew up last night and I couldn’t get it resolved until this afternoon), thank you for your enthusiasm, and accept my regrets that I couldn’t make everyone happy. The only items left are some random Kaslo Shops S scale items, and some old Cannonball Car Shops styrene troop sleeper kits.


Thanks again for the response;


Jim Harr

High Bridge, NJ

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