Re: Hindsight 20/20 clarification

Hunter Hughson

Hi guys. We're thrilled and surprised that there has been so much interest in this even that we sold out in 8 hours. We're going to look into creating more capacity so that we can have more people attend the event. We'll be back in touch with news about that soon. 

Please recognize that these are extraordinary times. It's with an abundance of respect for the members of this group and for the clinicians that I'm going to offer some perspective. Most of us have purchased return airfare and hotel accommodations, paid the registration at an RPM, and taken time off work to see these guys present. In this instance, these same clinicians are streaming their presentation onto the computer in your home for free. Each clinician will have their own position on whether or not they want to give you a copy of their clinic after the event, but I don't have it in me to go back to them and ask for more than they've already agreed to share.

I hope that sounds reasonable.   

Hunter Hughson 


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