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I have attached another clutch of C&O maintenance-of-way cars to share, along with what I think is their original class information from Carl Shaver's FREIGHT CAR EQUIPMENT OF THE CHESAPEAKE & OHIO RAILWAY, AUGUST 1, 1937. All these cars were photographed by myself around 1985-86.

910102 appears to be another of the Hocking Valley 82000-83999 series. These were built by Illinois Car and Manufacturing Co. or Pullman in 1924-25, and came to the C&O by merger in 1930. Some 608 cars from Illinois Car , and 136 from Pullman were rebuilt with steel sides and single 6' doors in 1941, becoming 12392-12999 and 13000-13135 respectively. This one was found in Charlottesville.

X-1299 is also from Hocking Valley 82000-83999. In 1941 169 Illinois cars received steel sides and 10' double steel doors to became 12000-12168. Another 271 Pullman cars received the same upgrades in 1942, becoming 13558-13828. Note that both series retained the rather odd small door on the right as seen on the original wood-sided cars. I think this car was 13728 before conversion to MW service. It was photographed at Gordonsville while awaiting scrapping.

X-1218 came from series 9500-9999, built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1930. They had only an 8' 7 1/2" IH. They builder's photo in Shaver's book showed they were not lettered as automobile cars, though end doors clearly mark them as intended for that service. They were quickly made obsolete by larger autos and Evans racks. Shaver notes many were converted to MW service, where their end doors were greatly appreciated for handling service equipment. The attached photo was also from Gordonsville. A few months back I posted a photo of one of these in revenue service in a Nelson & Albemarle train behind their new 44-ton diesel in 1951.

910217 was from series 84230-84729, or 84730-86499, from which the first group were renumbered when they received 6' steel doors in 1935. The bulk of the second group also received steel doors by 1937, though their openings were only 5' 6" and they kept their previous numbers. This is the only 37' C&O MW car I ever found. It was photographed by itself on a stub spur at Stapleton, Virginia (not far from Gladstone) in 1986. At least I think this was Stapleton. The Stapleton depot was across the road, though not on its original foundations and perched on a small hill. This depot was later moved to Lynchburg's Old City Cemetery, where it is lovingly preserved as a museum. Perhaps this car is also hiding somewhere awaiting preservation. I sure hope so. As a final note, all the cars in both classes were retired by 1952, or downgraded to MW service, probably because they still had K-brakes.

I should have more interesting C&O MW cars for you next week, including former troop sleepers.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

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