Re: PRR 254288

Clark Propst

Thanks Ben and Bruce! If we ever get to go to swap meets again I can tell my 60s modeler friends they can buy one of those neat looking C hoppers.

I doubt there's anyway of know why the car was in Randolph, or what it brought. Randolph was a pickup point on the line from Minneapolis to Oelwein. The CGW had line running east to RedWing and west as far as Mankato through Northfield with connections with the MN&S there. The MN&S had trackage rights over to Randolph because of all the Canadian and NW traffic funneled to them in the Twin Cities.

My wife is just starting on a months worth of train lists for the Minn-Oelwein train #90, which was a pretty long train 150~ cars. It will be interesting to see if there are any more of those hoppers?
CW Propst

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