Re: StLB&M 1944 AAR DD Boxcar - C&BT Upgrade #6

mel perry

hi bob:
for some unknown reason, your
attachments aren't opening up, though
they did orignally, have brought this
up with admin, who are
trying to figure out the problem, in
the meantime, they suggested that
i ask you to repost the 2 photos, to
the photo section?, fyi i model in a
different scale, and your photos
turned on some lightbulbs, as far as
slicing & dicing goes
mel perry

On Mon, May 25, 2020, 7:52 PM Bob Chapman <chapbob611@...> wrote:
Taking the idea of foreign road to an extreme, here's the last (yea!) of the C&BT upgrades from the stash -- a StLB&M double door boxcar. Yes, C&BT offered a DD boxcar carbody as one of their variations, and several interesting prototypes can be modeled from it, including UP, ATSF, CB&Q, SBD, SSW, and B&O. The B&O M-59 would have been a natural choice here, but I already had one courtesy Sunshine Models. So it was off in a very different direction with the StLB&M prototype. 

If one overlooks the prototype's 15-foot door opening vs the kit's 14-foot, the kit's postwar Youngstown doors are a decent match. Replacement parts include a Yarmouth Apex runningboard, Tichy 8/8 ladders, and Kadee grabs and brakewheel. The deep sidesill was shaped from .040" x .125" styrene. Decals are Mask Island with leftover StLB&M reporting marks from a Sunshine set (never throw anything away!). Weathering matches the prototype photo -- a heavy layer of Texas dust.

This one completes the six-car pandemic project -- to upgrade the C&BT kits which have languished in the deep stash for four decades. Again, a big posthumous thanks to Richard Hendrickson for the inspirational Model Railroading articles in the late 80s, and to Ed Hawkins for his outstanding spreadsheets simplifying the correct detailing choices.  

Bob Chapman


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