Re: ACC problems

Pierre Oliver

I've found that CA does have a shelf life
Buy a fresh bottle and see what happens

Pierre Oliver
On 2020-05-27 4:48 p.m., Donald B. Valentine via wrote:

   I have been assembling resin car kits for some 35 years now beginning with Dennis Storzek's Rutland 
box cars back when the material was a lot tougher than resin and Al Westerfield's kits when he was using 
really brittle resin, always using ACC but never having experienced the problem I've had for the last week.
I've been trying to assemble one of Steve Funaro's kits that seems no different than the many of his I've
also assembled before BUT the damned ACC is not cementing parts together. I beleive the bottle is now 
three years old and is kept in the refrigerator when not being used regularly. It doesn't seem to matter 
whether I try to use it right out of the refrigerator or after it has sat out at room temperature for a day it 
simply does not work. Does ths stuff have a shelf life that I've never been aware of or has anyone else
experienced the same problem? Guess I'll go back to styrene for awhile rather than waste more time 
only to get more frustrated. 

Don Valentine

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