Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] ACC problems

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

If you buy the small squeeze tubes that hold only a fractional ounce, the ones typically sold in multi-packs, none of this is an issue. You just toss it out whenever it is less than perfect, and open a new one. When you do this you always are assured to be using a recently opened fresh tube. No need to worry about any of the above issues at all
Claus Schlund

From: steve_wintner via
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 1:22 AM
Subject: Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] ACC problems
I've always assumed keeping it in the fridge was an attempt to keep it in a lower absolute humidity environment, though it may also be about lowering reaction rate. Dessicant should help too. 

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