Re: Photo: MC Automobile Boxcar 93033

Dave Parker

These are what Al called the NYCL's "1916 design".  Jeff English's summary of the NYCL box cars says 6500 all-steel cars total, all of them with 1-1/2 doors, some with end doors.  Most were originally MCRR cars, and a very quick glance at the Canada Southern roster suggests 2000 were originally NYC.  I didn't tease the data apart, but it looks like a large fraction of the MCRR cars were renumbered to NYC cars, 1942-49.  So, you'd need to look in both ORER listings to find the survivors ca. 1950.  I don't think they were rebuilt much (if at all), but some may have been reclassed as XMs.

These are very cool cars;  I have one of the Westy kits in my stash.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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