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Ed Hawkins

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Ed Hawkins' scan of ATSF paint samples from 1931 and 1945 (PPG) show a 'red shift'

To supplement Nelson’s point for cars built in the first group that follows, the ACF bills of materials for a number of Santa Fe freight cars built from 1931 to 1944 are consistently the same shade of Mineral Brown. The hue is a dark shade of brown with a flat finish. The equivalent Tru-Color paint number is TCP-19. These documents for equipment built by ACF from lot 1200 (1931) to lots in the upper 3600s (1952) are at the Barriger National Railroad Library. Not all ACF bills of materials have paint samples, however, ATSF had more than most railroads.

Lot 1200, 1931 Bx-13
Lot 1607, 1937 Bx-27
Lot 1973, 1940 Ga-50 Hart ballast
Lot 1974, 1940 Ga-49 gondola
Lot 2163, 1941 Ga-56 Hart ballast
Lot 2674, 1944 Ga-59 Hart ballast

The 2nd group of Santa Fe cars having paint samples in the ACF bills of materials are from late 1948 to 1951. These also specify “Mineral Brown but of a red-brown hue and medium gloss finish. 

Lot 3286, Jan. 1949, Ga-67 covered hopper
Lot 3287, Apr. 1949, Ga-68 gondola
Lot 3333, May 1949, Ga-69 gondola
Lot 3334, Aug. 1949, Ga-74 Hart ballast
Lot 3335, Dec. 1948, Ga-73 triple hopper
Lot 3550, July 1951, Ga-80 gondola

The color is a close match to the old Floquil RR74 “Boxcar Red” that was sold in a bottle with square corners & a common color used by numerous railroads in the postwar years. 

For the Santa Fe postwar freight cars the ACF bills of materials typically specified “synthentic” Mineral Brown from Pittsburgh, Sherwin-Williams, and Glidden. While in general the postwar Santa Fe lots were no longer the dark shade of Mineral Brown, there were some variations in the red-brown shades when comparing them side by side.  Tru-Color offers a number of paint numbers that are a reasonably-close match to the postwar ATSF Mineral Brown: TCP-188, 193, 197, 202, 210, 213-214, 216, 217, 220-223. 234-235, 237-245.

I’m curious if there exists any Bowles color drift cards for ATSF Mineral Brown from the steam era. These drift cards have dates & should reflect the change of shade from the prewar years, World War II years, and postwar years. The only ATSF Mineral Brown Bowles color drift card I’ve seen is dated Feb. 1963. For what it’s worth the Feb. 1963 drift card is a lighter red-brown shade than lot 3286 & any of the postwar ATSF paint samples. 

Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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