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Bruce Smith


Thanks, but I think I still need to clarify. I'm talking about cable reels, made of steel. I have LOTS of support for cable reels made of wood for the WWII era, but I'm curious whether cable reels, made of steel, were in use at that time. I am suspicious that they were not.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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 Bruce Smith wrote: 

"I have some questions about Cable Reels as loads for steam era freight cars. 

I have a Sunshine PRR G27 gondola kit that was packaged with a kit for 18 steel cable reels. I model 1944. When did steel cable reels come into use?"

Previous to 1942 there was no specific diagram covering the loading of wire rope or cable (on reels).  In 1941, "at the request of shippers", the AAR's Loading Committee added Figure 75-B  to the Rules Governing The Loading of Commodities On Open Top Cars, effective March 1, 1942.  It would be appropriate for 1944 and is attached (as a pdf).  

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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