Re: Cable Reel Loads

Bruce Smith


The decals are freaking awesome!  (One reason to look for more) Most of them are in a semi-circular arc. They are black, with some duplicates in white. Symbols are also included for some. 

General Cable (white as well) + symbol
Okonite Passaic N.J.+ symbol
Kaiser Wire K/W + symbol
Simplex Wire & Cable Co.  Cambridge Mass (white as well)
Crescent Trenton, NJ
Anaconda Wire + symbol
Kerite (white as well)
Diamond Wire and Cable Co. Sycamore, ILL
Rome Cable Rome G.A. (white as well)
General Electric + symbol
Indiana Steel and Wire Co.

Now, the reels made of steel would just be loads going somewhere so they can have cable, wire, whatever.... But I do plan to have catenary and of course that requires maintenance, and in progress on my bench right now is a wire train, wire reel car, which will need wire reels with wire. These though were wooden, and I have several already at hand, and more on the way from Israel. Representing the wire is challenging, but will happen with thin copper (likely 0.005") wrapped over a filler. Unused reels were often wrapped in heavy tan paper so I plan to use newsprint to replicate that. Plus, of course, shredding some and leaving it in the wire reel car.


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Well, the point of my inquiry was about the markings (decals) that Bruce has.  Do they cover both steel cable (or as Bruce pointed out, wire rope) AND electrical cables?  IOW, what would he be winding on the reels?

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