New IM cars arrive

Ted Schnepf


A big box of new Intermountain HO boxcars has jsut arrived. There are some very interesting road names for sale.

The newest batch of cars is 10' 6" modified 1937 AAR boxcars in the following roads:
Rock Island
New York Central
Fort Worth and Denver
Missouri Pacfic
Erie Lack.
Southern- billboard
Union Pacific
Chicago North Western
Gulf Mobile and Ohio
Toledo, Peoria and Westerm, drak green and yellow
Duluth South Shore and Atlantic
Soo Line (early herald)
Canadian Pacific

They come in 6 road number each, RTR and discounted pricing.

These cars join the other recent shipments of PFE wood reefers in three clases amd 7 paint variations with Dick Harley helping IM get the lettering and painting correct. And prior to that, the 10' 1937 boxcars with Deco ends C&O and B&O, and CN, C&EI, AEC. Copper Range, DLW,and Ontario Northland.

Contact me off list if interested.

Rails Unlimited
Ted Schnepf
126 Will Scarlet,
Elgin, Ill. 60120


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