Re: Evangeline Railway

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hello Paul,

    Either I've learned something new, which is usually a good thing, out of this thread or 
some ar barking up the wrong tree. I had not hear of the Evangeline Rwy. before but in
Louisiana the origin of he name is quite obvious. However, the Canadian Pacific, long a
favorite of British investors, had a subsidiary in Nova Scotia with wich the parent CPR 
directly connected only by passenger ferry from St. John, NB to Digby, NS, all freight
car traffic connecting via the CNR. The Nova Scotia subsidiary was the now gone
Dominion Atlantic Rwy. for which several of my grandmother's family worked for years.
The DAR was commonly known as the Route of Evangeline and an artist's rendition of
Evangeline was incorporated into the hearld of the road. Thus is becomes appaent that 
we had at one time both an "Evangeline Rwy." and a "Route of Evangeline" several 
thousand miles apart. For our period of modeling the DAR did have a number of CPR
Dominion cars carrying their own DAR reporting marks which, if I'm not mstaken, are
covered by Andrew's Westerfield cars in HO scale.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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